Ever since I was little I've always loved jewelry.
Assembling pieces of jewelry we had laying around in our house to make new creations, making beaded rings and necklaces, going to workshops,... 

Finding jewelry that fit my aesthetic and price point in stores had always been a difficult challenge, so I decided to do it myself and fill that gap. 

After my communication degree I felt the need to revamp my creative side and started a goldsmith training where I learned every skill in the book. 
It was an amazing experience and learning a new craft gave me a lot of satisfaction. From the start I immediately noticed how I loved the creation process of designing the pieces more than anything else.
The part where I had to really make the pieces was a bit more difficult for me because I'm not a perfectionist to that extent and that's a very important skill as a goldsmith. 

After a long road of research I found a family business in Turkey that produces jewelry for brands and individuals like myself and this seemed like the perfect potion. I can design everything from scratch myself, choose the materials I want to use and they ethically produce it in their atelier on a small scale. 

I'm so happy that I finally took the leap to start my own business. 
Until now it has only brought me pure joy and I've noticed I wouldn't want to do anything else in life. 

I hope you all enjoy the pieces as much as I do and give them a beautiful life filled with iconic looks!